Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

Derbyshire Firewood supplies kiln dried firewood which offers a premium burning performance and consistently low moisture content. This ensures that you are buying the best quality, clean burning firewood and helping to look after your stove and flue whilst providing good heat and flame.

Starting with timber sourced from sustainably managed UK woodlands, we cut, split & dry our logs locally in our state of the art drying facility. We use the heat generated from a biomass fuelled electricity generator, powering a potato farm, to heat our log drying kiln. This makes for a high quality kiln dried log product with a high degree of sustainabilty by utilising existing heat generation. Derbyshire Firewood supply mixed kiln dried hardwood*, mainly ash, beech, birch, oak & sycamore, all known as good firewoods. Single wood species log orders may be available by request.

  1. Mixed Hardwood Net Bags

    Mixed Hardwood Net Bags

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  2. Mixed Hardwood Bulk Bags

    Mixed Hardwood Bulk Bags

    Please call to order
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